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Re: Daily Vis report thread

Originally Posted by ImpalaSSpeed96 View Post
I'll be making my way into the mess at the tip. That's where the biggest tog should be congregated
The reelers are going to make sushis out of you...just kidding. I personally avoid crossing lines and so I try to stay about in the same spot. I let myself with the current for a dive, then come back. But it doesn't hurt to make a sign to the reelers if you have to cross a line, usually they understand and pull their line.
The biggest Tog I saw yesterday was on the jetty, it was maybe ~24 inches (edit : actually more like 18 inches ~45 cm), or something like that. Forgive my imperial unit suckiness.

I can dive in the low light green but honestly I cannot stay as I find it oppressive. There is nothing to see. If there was a fish at 3 feet from me I wouldn't see it. But I do it in hope of a Strip Bass...
Good luck to you.

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