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Re: Utah Visibility Overview (please contribute!)

I want to re-enforce to the rest of you, it is VERY important that IF you shoot walleyes at Echo, you need to take a picture of your walleyes and note where you shoot the fish--in which part of the lake. Please be sure to send your information to the biologist noted in my email correspondence. Some of you might ask, "Why should I care?" Because we are a very small minority in Utah as spearos (150-200) who have to get along with a very active and large group of fisherman in the state (40,000). Some of them DO NOT like the idea that we are spearfishing in Utah waters. Consequently, we need all the "good will" we can get from DWR to counter the fisherman who oppose what we do. Here is the correspondence between me and the biologist at DWR.

Hi Richard,

This is Chris Penne with DWR. It was good talking fish with you today. Just wanted to send you this email as a reminder of our discussion of walleye in Echo. If you're out next spring and early summer and see any walleye bigger than 15", I would be curious to hear about it and even would even be curious to see one of the fish if you are able shoot one. Thanks.


Chris Penne
Northern Region Assistant Aquatics Program Manager
Aquatic Biologist

Utah Department of Natural Resources
Division of Wildlife Resources
515 East 5300 South
Ogden, Utah 84405
Phone: 801-656-8694

Other information that might help you in this effort:

-I find that Echo is pretty clear (10-20 feet) between April till July. Spawning will probably be in April-May. I will be there at that time.

-Focus your spearfishing near the dam between the rocks. That is where I find the smallmouth bass and some catfish. Consequently, you'll also probably find the walleye. You can fish right up against the dam. Why? The federal government doesn't maintain the lake, so the restriction to fish beyond the buoys doesn't apply to you or I. Yes, I have already spoke to the park rangers about that statement and they confirmed with me that it is "ok" to spearfish right beyond the buoys--contrary to Deer Creek, Starvation etc....

-I suggest you start near the Northeast section of the lake. There is a Yellow Perch school of about 200 that almost always hangs around that area of the lake, and since that is the main food source for Walleye, that is where I believe the large female walleye(s) that were illegally introduced into the lake will be.

-The female(s) that was introduced into Echo has to be at least 4 years old; since, the walleyes that DWR are finding in Echo are 2 years old that are about 15 inches long. That means the females are probably 4-7 ibs. or bigger.

-Please CC the rest of us, if you contact DWR when you get a walleye at Echo. I will do the same for each of you. Why? So we appear educated and informed as a group of spearfisherman. Also, wouldn't you like to know when one of your peers nailed the big one at Echo?

-If you do shoot a bass, please use your head and DON'T put a picture of it or video of it on YouTube. All that does is incite the bass fisherman in the state and create more enemies. We don't need more enemies guys....
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