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Re: Utah Visibility Overview (please contribute!)

Went to Deer Creek on fathers day morning. Visibility was pretty decent, all things considered (probably 8-10 feet). Mostly due to silt churned up from boat wake and zooplankton. Lots of boat traffic (and the accompanying constant propeller whine), and a whole "gaggle" of swimmers with their little floaties and swimming caps went right past me. Water was pretty chilly (mid 50's?) in my 7mm top and I found myself wishing I'd brought my hood.

Saw a few walleye (and brought a few home) but no monsters. Carp were around as always. Most impressive were the numbers of nice small mouth bass, though they were safe since the they can't be taken 'til the end of the month. Saw a few mid-size large mouth, lots of babies though.

Probably the best part was the water level. Deer Creek is at it's high water mark, basically at capacity. It hasn't been this high in many years which means a lot of underwater cover (trees, bushes, logs, rocky cliffs etc). All of these were teaming with various small fish. The walleye were found hunting near these areas. I didn't see anything below about 20' (except perhaps the rapidly vanishing fin of what may have been a trout?), everything was near the top of the water column.

I'm becoming disenchanted with Deer Creek because of the decreasing amount of public shore access (I wish there were other options as close and convenient, maybe it's time to explore Starvation and Echo). They keep annexing more territory into the state parks and fenced off areas, and reducing public access. It's one thing to hike half a mile over steep rocky terrain with a pole and tackle box, it's another thing entirely to hoof it with arms full of fins, dive float, speargun and trucking 20 lbs of lead weight. On the upside, after 4 hours of nearly shivering in the water a bit of a hike in the warm sun felt nice.
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