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Re: Alaska (Anchorage) Spearfishing Partners

From the one time fishing and one time diving southeast Alaska I found that September was best. The water temperature was up from the summer and the visibility was better because of the lower plankton levels. Unless it rains then the water turns brown.
I dove with 7 mm open cell suit, same as I use in northern California. No problems.
I have heard of large halibut coming in as shallow as 20 feet at the mouths of rivers to feed on salmon but I only saw flounders and one small halibut.
The boat captains will take you out but there knowledge of shallow water diving areas may be limited. The halibut we caught on Rod n reel were 200 to 600 feet.
I would like to do it again. If somebody wants to put something together I would like to get in on it.
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