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Old 05-16-2008, 06:46 PM   #1
Crazy for Dog Tooth Tuna
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Anyone ever cut shorter a Cressi Gara 2000HF fins?

Hello Guys,

I just bought a cressi gara 2000 HF fins. Its a bit too long for my liking and too stiff for me.

I am on scuba btw

I am currently using two kind of fins, the Mares Quattro and the Technisub Stratos FP, both are full foot/closed heel. I get cramps when I use open heel with boots, it wasted my energy.

I like to use Stratos FP when a location demand that I fins 70% of the total dive time. Some location I hoover against mild current and don't stop finning, this way I do not touch bottom but do not drift backwards by current.

In location where I need only to fin 50% of the dive time, I will use the Mares Quattro. Its bigger and its heavier to kick.

I bought the Gara 2000 is not because it is a long blade fin, I bought it because I am sick of changing my Stratos every so often. I usually break the Stratos in-half if used hard in under 8 months with diving frequency not higher than 3 trips a month and 6 dives per trip. Now, by the 4th month of use I can feel the Stratos is softer by the day. Since I have bought so many, I get to be sensitive with its changes. I know plastic fins get softer with use. So I buy new Stratos every 5-6 months. It cheap, only US$40 in my country.

I used to think that people say train on a hard fin and get used to it, I thought that was what happen when I feel my fin getting softer, but the truth is, when I buy a new one or try a new one right after I use a few months old ones on a next dive, it's the plastic material getting softer being a more significant one, not the leg muscle improvement. Plastic is plastic, it won't hold physical properties that well. Remember how we can break a plastic just by repeated flexing ? Maybe carbon ones are good and less fatigue memory ?

I read good things about gara 2000 HF, it cost me US$100 here from a retail price of US$135, not bad discount hah ? I am hoping this gara 2000 blade can lost longer than Stratos thicker plastic blade. I mean, if it can maintain more consistent stifness by double the period, I don't loose $$, its close to even and less hassle.

I want to cut and make shorter the gara 2000 but I don't know by how much.
Either I follow Quattro length or I follow Stratos length, but I am afraid Stratos length will make the fins too soft.

If anyone ever cut shorter a blade material like gara family, I would like to know its performance and any other side effect ?

I tested the gara against the Quattro and the Stratos in a 36 feet pool. This is roughly the time I get for 36 feet run without Scuba :
Stratos - 7 seconds
Quattro - 6.2 seconds
Gara 2000 - 5.3 seconds

I know the test can't be that accurate but it is faster with gara 2000 for sure and I keep myself 3 feet underwater to get better water. Yes, Gara is tiring for my small legs

Any tips or advice on the cutting will be appreciated.

Many thanks guys.
Here Tuna, Tuna, Tuna ...come to Papa Iya
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Old 05-16-2008, 07:00 PM   #2
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Re: Anyone ever cut shorter a Cressi Gara 2000HF fins?

I would leave the fins the way they are - my 2000s have softened up a bit since I got them but they still perform nicely, plus shortening the fin will only make it flex less, which seems like it would make it less efficient.
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Old 05-18-2008, 03:45 PM   #3
Keith Simmons
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Re: Anyone ever cut shorter a Cressi Gara 2000HF fins?

Iya, try the Mares Quattro excels. If you like open heel fins, the Excels are much stiffer than the regular Quattros.
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Old 05-19-2008, 10:56 AM   #4
Crazy for Dog Tooth Tuna
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Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Posts: 638
Re: Anyone ever cut shorter a Cressi Gara 2000HF fins?

Hello Guys,

Mako, thanks for the offer, its is so sweet but I don't want to ever come back to open heel.

I actualy met a guy who cut 30% of the blade and it became useless...
I was thinking of cutting 15% of the blade.

Anyway, I have tested the fins with scuba and it was a non stop 300 feet run at depth from 60 feet progresing to 110 feet. It likes much bigger kick, kicking fast with it is not efficient. The funny thing about if and probably only for me is, I feel its sort of "wobbling". It I want to make the wobbling go away, I must move my waist along with it, sort of dancing along with the fin kick.

Hoovering or making fast manuvers with it is not easy, compared to Statos or Quattro. The last and first long blade I bought was a Riffe medium stifness and that on Scuba is a killer on the leg and I can do manuvers with it.

The gara 2000HF is not really that heavy to kick eventually after the 300 feet run but the difficulty to manuver with it, is bothering me and that waist of mine needing to follow my kick rythm as such my shoulder swing along may effect my shooting accuracy. I chase and shoot fish while kicking to maximum speed sometime.

I will do some modification to it but I don't know what yet....

Thanks Guys
Here Tuna, Tuna, Tuna ...come to Papa Iya

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