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Old 09-07-2018, 02:36 AM   #31
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Re: Advice on where to buy carbon barrels

Originally Posted by SEA_ARCHER View Post
Ermes floating roller did not pan out in my opinion. trigger pull is inconsistent. I put one in a 130 carbon laser with d2 handle and love the idea of it but it has had problems. Cost me a nice snapper the other day as i lined up and pulled the trigger and it just wouldnt fire. First time it has done that but it has had a fairly tough trigger pull for me in the past.

In all fairness I am using 2 small ID bands at 400% but the reason i bought the trigger is because I was hoping the design could handle that heavy load. I will either wait for the D1 version or try to mod the handle for a standard ermes DR trigger.

Yes I had similar issues with that trigger ... pretty incredible how much accuracy suffers if the trigger break point is not consistent. I think with the new setups you really get spoiled into expecting a shot to hit within half an inch of where you aim ... even at long range. This used to never be an issue as nobody would be crazy to try shots at those distances. That is probably why not many people complained about this. At one or two meters, a slight delay in trigger let off means you just hit the fish a little high or little low ... but at 5 meters the shot would be a complete miss.

I actually was looking at the latest drawings of the D2 full DR trigger yesterday and in simulation it seems to work really well. It has gained an extra 10mm in band stretch (which I like). Again, the main problem is the cost of cutting a sear via CNC to make maximum use of the small 7mm width inside the trigger box. This trigger should be able to easily handle 2 full power bands @ 130 cm stretch @ 380% with no loss in trigger pull sensitivity.

With the D1 it is a done deal and using full DR sear. I really like this new trigger as it has 2 inserts to strengthen the box and uses a full bore DR trigger with the same sear as its full DR cousin. That trigger is a drop in to the D1 handle and even the original loading butt will fit back in after changing out the trigger. You only need to carve out a little space for the side line release (about 5 seconds with a dremel sanding head) and you are good to go. If that works like I think it should, then this really will change the landscape of what a pipe gun is capable of. If the handle is properly shaped and you add this trigger, you should be able to get results similar to what I got here

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Old 09-08-2018, 07:59 PM   #32
popgun pete
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Re: Advice on where to buy carbon barrels

Just found this image that I had saved concerning "bulbous" carbon fiber barrels.
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Name:	carbon bulbous barrel bodies.jpg
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Re: Advice on where to buy carbon barrels

Originally Posted by spearq8 View Post
A good option would be to just use the cheap Pathos aluminium barrel, then form a cuttle shape around the barrel from wood for added buoyancy ... glue them together and then put a carbon fiber sleeve over all that. The carbon fiber sleeve adds can be folded inside each end of the barrel and you need to use some sort of plug to keep the carbon fiber very tight on the inside of the barrel. The added dimensions of the carbon fiber adds to the inside of the barrel is minimal and can easily be absorbed by the O rings. This gives you a very cheap and very strong barrel ... that also looks great.

Would this also add mass to the gun? I haven't seen it done but it would be nice to add mass to a 130-140 pipe gun to shoot larger shafts.
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Old 09-25-2018, 07:28 PM   #34
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Re: Advice on where to buy carbon barrels

Any word on the group buy for these barrels?
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Re: Advice on where to buy carbon barrels

Originally Posted by svivian View Post
Any word on the group buy for these barrels?
I ended up grabbing some barrels from Andrew at nautilus and the supplier he went through (not 100% sure who) turned out to produce some great barrels I built up a 130 2 band gun shooting a 7.5mm shaft and currently building up a 110cm. But man did the 130 come out great shoots amazingly and the walls of the barrels are thick enough that the recoil is not bad with a 7.5 shaft. Definitely recommend them he has some left.
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Re: Advice on where to buy carbon barrels

Any pics of the build. Would like to see what the finished product looks like. Thanks
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