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Re: Abalone death at stillwater cove

My condolences to the family.

I absolutely recommend custom knife pockets sewn into suits. There are many small equipment and diving practices that work in terms of safety and success. I have custom knife pockets sewn off-center in the chest area of my freedive suit and leg of my scuba wetsuits. I feel less than 100% wearing anything else. The knifes do not get hung-up and are available to reach with either hand. I also have a pocket sewn in for an emergency float, signal float, or gun/popper float. All the pockets are low profile enough to not get caught up on kelp and if you need to drop your belt you will still have the knife and float. Thanks to all the people and helpful advice available here on spearboard. Take care.
Actually, yes, that yt is almost 30#'s. Hell, it's almost as big as me!
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