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Palapas Ventana Flop

I just returned from a trip with three days of diving and H&L fishing at Palapas Ventana.
For years I have been reading about the abundance of trophy fish to be had from a top-notch resort, with the best “maintained” fleet in baja.

Wrong... our boat was one of two boats that broke down in calm waters. We broke down two days out of three. And, when we jumped on another boat to go home, it runs out of gas!!!!
The owner graciously granted us a 10% inconvenience discount on the price of our “fishing” but he claims it was 20%. He uses funny math so watch out there too.

From the start:
1. If you don’t pay in cash, you pay 4% more but of course he doesn’t tell you til you run your credit card.

2. If there is a group larger than yours, then your group becomes less important service-wise (i.e., slow and ancient Mercury 2 stroke engine and an inexperienced captain to boot, wait staff anticipating a fatter tip neglect you).

3. There is no Television in the room so if you don’t support the “resort” by consuming drink, well then you’re SOL for unwinding in the room.

4. If you have religious dietary restrictions, who cares, they will give you pork!

5. The resort is far from anywhere and leaving requires a “tour.” But, a tour is anywhere from $80 to $130 so make sure you leave the women with lots of free cash. Otherwise, they are SOL too.

Make sure you are ready to hear, “well, thats why they call it fishing and not catching, ha ha ha”- when you are there three days and catch a total of 6 fish you could have caught in Catalina.

In case you read, “well the fish are deep,” the guide that dove with me an I hit 60-70 feet and saw nothing larger than 4 lbs.

My recommendation is no surprise- stay clear of this place. I am sure there are others who have had a great time but we spent over $5000 and returned super pissed!

Buyer beware!

I live for days like these!
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