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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Respectfully, I (and our group that goes down there) has nothing but positive things to say about Palapas Ventana. I have only experienced a top notch spearfishing destination. Diving has been variable for us. We have shot 10 wahoo in 3 days and sometimes none in the same amount of time. If you look at the tournament they had this year, last, the one before that...etc. you will see divers shoot great fish there.

1. This 4% fee is on the bill before you pay them and they have always been upfront about waving this if you pay cash.

2. We have had changing captains but have found all to be very professional and experienced.

3. Really? Complaining about not having a television in your room in Baja? Were you under the impression that you were staying at a 4 star resort? The website is very clear about the accommodations.

4. Did you communicate this to Tim before arriving?

5. Bring a woman who is happy sitting on a beach or BY THE POOL, getting dirt cheap massages, reading, snorkeling, paddleboarding, going on the boat, walking the beach, fishing/diving. This can all be researched before hand and should not be a complaint considering you knew where you were going (unless you didn't do your research).

I understand going somewhere and spending the money and not catching the fish you were expecting, we have all been there. It seemed like Tim tried to make it right by discounting the already relatively low cost of a trip and you still came on the internet to bitch. That is bush.

PV, Tim and his whole crew is top notch.
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