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Re: Practical Navigation Solution for Small Boats: Navionics and iPad?

Originally Posted by Coos-spearo View Post
I will admit to using google maps as a navigation tool in my kayak when I was caught offshore and the fog came in before I could paddle back to shore. While that worked in a save-my-ass-moment, that was far too dicey, even for me.

I need advice please:
The boats I use in the near shore environment of the Oregon coast are my kayak and a RIB (small Stabicraft). The instructor at a coast guard auxiliary navigation class I took uses Navionics on an iPad. That seems like a practical, portable and budget friendly way to have a solid system.

What tablet and case would you recommend if it were a dedicated navigation instrument?

Any advice is appreciated
I actually teach a mobile navigation for small vessels class for the coast guard auxiliary here in Florida and that's exactly what we suggest, Navionics on a tablet or iPad. If you have an iPad I'd suggest the life proof case. Beat mine to hell for years now and it's still working great. If you have any questions about using Navionics for navigation let me know!

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