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Well... its been a long time since I’ve wrote a fishing report but after Saturdays incredible day I figured I would.

Of course Saturdays weather report indicated that the entire Gulf was going to resemble a Lutz retention pond but this years weather has been anything but stellar as you all know.
It took about five miles out of the pass before we knew that NOAA must have been hitting the crack pipe again.

Our plan was to look at some deep numbers on the far west side of the grounds but members of our crew started questioning “the plan” about halfway there when we were slugging it out through solid 3-4's with a few 6 footers thrown in just to make it interesting.
We stopped for a break and decided to see if we had anything in the area we were presently in.
The only thing in the area was a "spring” number that none of us had heard of before in this area or been to.
We decided to look for it since we were in the area. We searched for about 15 minutes with out even a AJ , or a barracuda blip on the depth finder. We were just about to leave when the screen lit up from the bottom to about 80 feet off the bottom!

First team of JBY and Abdiver geared up to check it out.
They reported the vis was incredible till about twenty feet from the bottom where it turned into a very hazy 5-10 feet of hazy vis. They said there was so much bait, AJ’s, grouper, snapper and booming jewfish over the 20 foot hole that it was hard to pick fish out to shoot! They came back with a beautiful 11 pound american red, several nice gags and An AJ each!
It was about this time that we had to make a decision to press on or turn for home due to the rough seas.
My vote was to press onward as I had just received a new custom made gun that a friend of mine worked all night the previous night to finish and I was eager to check out its superb craftsmanship.

I could tell the other guys were not real happy but they were going to be happy at my insistence to press onward by the end of the day.
We continued to slug it out there dodging several thunderstorms in the process and finnaly got to the area we wanted to be in.
We had numbers to look at that we had never been to before and started searching for them.
We would find a promising piece of bottom and try drift fishing each spot but everything appeared to be mostly Red grouper pothole bottom until we drove over one spot that made the bottom machine light up like a Christmas tree!

So now it was Sea-ment's and my turn to dive. Unfortunately we had a little too much jug line on and the current was ripping so by the time we actually reached the spot we were nearly in deco!


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