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Re: JBL Pole Spear Modification

The AB Biller shaft tip has a finer point than the JBL slip tip, so it takes less band energy and spear momentum to penetrate a fish. Also, it is a double flopper tip which will give you better control on fish. The only reason to go with a slip tip is if you are consistently spearing big fish. You will have to use a 5/16" female to 6mm female adapter to use it with your JBL pole spear.

Now, if you want to use a slip tip, go with a Sea Stinger 3. It has the finest tip of all the pole spear tips and the shaft will thread right on to your JBL pole spear. Since it is such a fine tip, get some spares, so if you dull it on the rocks or reef, you can easily swap it out, then sharpen the dull tips at night to be ready the next day. It is an engineered slip tip system, so if you choose to use it, make sure you understand how it works. A few people have given it bad press, then you find out they didn't use it right, or secure the fish after they speared it. Either way, they blame the equipment instead of themselves.

Here is a pic with the three tips. AB Biller on top, JBL slip tip in the middle, and Sea Stinger slip tip on the bottom.

Click image for larger version

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