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Re: Diver stranded on Catalina for 2 Days..

Good stuff, guys.

A friend of mine and I went diving in the Tampa bay Skyway shipping area. We'd hid it at slack tide and only had a 45 minute window.
Anyhow, we were suiting up...The boat was anchored good and we had a rope on a float out the stern such that we could freedive down, shoot, and catch the rope to pull us back to the boat. This was during the early stages of the tidal phase.
Anywho, my buddy was suiting up and decided to jump in and cool off...summertime and all. He jumped in, forgot he had his weight belt on....he started swimming furiously back towards the boat. The rope wasn't out yet. Well, his instant response was to start swimming rapidly back towards the boat, forgetting about the weight belt around him. Yea, he was freakin'.
He never called out to me...I guess he was too embarrassed. I finally turned around and noticed him struggling and threw out the rope so he could pull himself in. He was TIRED...and exclaimed "Damn, Marcus...I almost died just then."
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