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Re: Diver stranded on Catalina for 2 Days..

Have chased kayaks all over the earth it seems; one headed from Punta Chivato to Mazatlán without me.... Pretty good swim. Had to shoot the reef and let the reel line out, and hang my weight belt and fish on the line; just let it slide to the bottom.

In Hawaii, at the nationals; chased my board a mile and a half before it left the boundaries. Someone else got their anchor tied up in mine,a nd when they dropped it back over, it missed the reef.

LA Breakwall; Santa Ana's came up and chased a buddies board out for 45 minutes at full sprint. Boats all over the place...... no one helped. (Thanks fellas!)

All my times being stranded were thread worthy, so I won't pollute Bob's thread. But yeah; all- Good times!!!! Lol
When you bite the octopus, and your dive partner can hear the brain pop from 10 feet away...... Nice!!
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