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Re: JBL Pole Spear Modification

Originally Posted by SpearoTastic View Post
Tie your own bands, in place, to get the maximum band stretch using 1/2" outside diameter (13mm) with 1/8" inside diameter latex tubing cut to 3:1 stretch ratio (100% static band + 200% elongation) and your JBL pole spear will come alive. This will give you ~55 pounds of band force. If that is too much, use the 1/2" (13mm) outside diameter with 1/4" inside diameter latex tubing cut to the same 3:1 stretch ratio to get ~45 pounds of band force.

Add a 12" AB Biller Shaft Tip and you will have a serious fish killer. I have the double flopper version with the 1/2" band setup on my 6 ft JBL pole spear and it slams fish hard.
Best advice I ever received.

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