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Re: Roller Spearguns - whats the fuss about?

Originally Posted by Andrew Makely View Post
Obviously you only handled it in the pool but any thoughts about how the shape would help or hinder tracking fish in a real world situation with current, swell, etc?
Oh ... I have used the Urukay 120 for spearfishing many times. In its modified setup that I have, it performs very close to my older Albacore 120 with 3 x 14.7mm bands and an 8.5m shaft. This would be a perfect gun for shooting large pelagics at distance. I haven't used it for a long while as I have an Albacore 130 (modified) that I now use anytime I hunt large pelagics. This is an Albacore 130 that has about 10cm more band stretch on 3 bands and has an Ermessub double roller trigger. This is a gun that can shoot flat and accurate all the way to 8 meters while pulling cable and can still easily pass the Tuna Penetration Test at that distance. I can aim at the top edge of an orange sized target at 0 meters and hit it and use the same aim point and still end up hitting the same target at 8 meters (bottom of it) without any compensation for shaft drop. Nothing comes close to that type of performance and this is only with 3 quick loading thin bands. You can see test of this modified Albacore 130 here

As for the Dark ... I only used it in the pool and it seemed to handle well. The belly seems ridiculously large and I think in high current it might be a PIA. In its default setup it is not a gun I would recommend ... but as things are with many guns you should not be stuck with the default setup and you need to change a few things. My friend who uses it is a spearfishing safari guide and hunts pelagics all over the world. He really likes, so that should say something. I will say that in the pool though, the setup he used was similar in power to my customized Pathos 90 with 2 x 14mm bands. I think with his spearfishing ability any gun would work for him, and he just loved that the gun shot so accurate and was willing to sacrifice power. Personally I think it is possible to get power and accuracy in one package ... you just have to mod the handle and adjust the muzzle.
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