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World Cup Standings

After day 1: 28 Fish brought in to be weighted in. GR Tarr from Florida was the early leader with 93 points with 4 fish. James Hardesty from Colorado was 2nd with 76 points from 3 fish, and Glen McGuire from California was 3rd place with 54 points. Big fish of the day was Glen McGuire's 40 pound wahoo.

Day 2: 29 Fish brought in to be weighted in. GR Tarr is still no.1 with 140 points. Max from Brazil has moved up from 7th to 2nd now with 135.55 points and Glen stays in 3rd with 117.55 James Hardesty has moved down from 2nd to 4th with 113.60 The biggest fish of the day was brought in by Chris Woods from Australia with a 47 pound Wahoo.

Tomorrow is a rest day with guys going shopping, rod and reel fishing, and some guys going out for some spearfishing. I will get photos up tomorrow.

Current Standings are:
GR Tarr 1 140points
Max 2 135.55
Glenn McGuire 3 117.55
James Hardesty 4 113.60
Chris Woods 5 105.90
Brian Head 6 104.55
Dennis Haussler 7 73.40
Keith Love 8 64.80
Brock Kennedy 9 60.85
Carlos 10 59.10
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