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Re: Online SCUBA class

One of my co-workers and I got scuba certified 19 years ago through a highly rated shop. We indeed went through the two weekend, short course. (Robert, as you've seen me dive, this revelation probably explains a lot...)

Anyway, back then, "online" referred to a fish with a hook in it's mouth, and the pre-class work was a take home book with quizzes at the end of each chapter. I believe all that's changed is that you do the same work at home now, only on a computer, which to me is just as good.

The actual training we received was very good, especially compared to stories I've heard about some less than stellar shops. Good instructor to student ratios and no skimping on skill training and testing.

I do agree with Robert though. Those quick courses are too short if you don't continue with your training. When we returned from the course, we went to the Sgt. and said, "OK, we be divers now". He said, "yeah, no". Did a number of training dives with the dive team over several weeks until he was satisfied that we probably wouldn't die during basic dives.

19 years later I'm still learning.

I would be fine with the online training thing, but I'd look hard at the reviews and reputation of the shop or outfit that's doing the training.
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