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Big Island General Questions

On short notice Iíll be in Hawaii next week with my wife, visiting my sister in law. However, Iím basically going to be diving the entire time (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). We will be staying in Hilo but I will have a vehicle and be mobile. I expect it to be long days, waking up every morning and driving to the west/southwest side of the island.

I bought a book on Hawaiian fishes, and have been referring to the Hawaii fish regulations; just trying to learn the species and regulations but had some questions:

Since Iíll be on the Big Island - the Uhu size limit is 12 inches and no bag limit correct?

It seems like Maui has a lot of special regulations. For the the fish that say a size limit but in parentheses ďMaui onlyĒ does that mean there is no size limit for the Big Island? For example, Monoa kea has size limit 12 inches (Maui only) so on the Big Island there is no size limit?

For all other fish not on the regulations does that mean there is no size or bag limit?

For lobster, can you have a speargun in possession when taking lobster (obviously canít use the spear for the lobster)? Also, do you need to have a measuring device when taking lobster or crab (thatís the law in CA). What do you use to measure?

How is the lobster diving? Iím probably more interested in Ula than fish but there doesnít seem to be a lot of talk about them. Iím bringing my dive light and will give it my best.

This trip was short notice, Iíve never gone a guided fishing or hunting trip before but with all the good reviews of the charters in Kona I decided to give them a call to at least go out one day. They are all booked up but Iím on the waitlist if anyone cancels.

I donít have a thin wetsuit because I primarily dive cold Northern CA waters. Again, short notice, I donít have time to get a proper wetsuit. I like to dive for a long time, not sure if I should worry about getting cold but I will be bringing the bottom half of my wetsuit (as well as booties, gloves, all the other essentials) and weights, if that ends up being to warm I may just ditch the wetsuit altogether and go in shorts.

Anyone want to go diving? I just want to get out there, with the hope of obtaining some interesting fish for dinner. If you see some dude in a 5 mm camo Cressi bottoms with a red float line, and a clueless look on his face, you know youíve found me.
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