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Re: Big Island General Questions

Originally Posted by Sureshotshane View Post
Thanks musubi,

Iím just bringing the bottoms to my 5 mil suit. My buddy who is used to the same cold waters I am in is in Maui right now, he said donít bring a suit and the water would be plenty warm for me. Iíd personally rather be cold than to hot, I think.

Thanks for the clarification. I see a lot of the size limits seem kind of small but I also donít know the waters and the management strategy. Itís like rockfish here in CA, there is no size limit on rockfish but nobody I know spears 12 inch rockfish. I wouldnít think less of someone if they did though, the meat to bone ratio just seems to go up with the bigger fish.

It looks like there is an opening with one of the charters so I think Iím going to be going out on a blue water trip on Friday. Any advice for that, Iíve never been on a guided anything before.
I'm not too familiar with the charters for spearfishing, but actually wouldn't mind hearing how it goes for you. I haven't been on anything guided either, so I'm no help. They'll probably take you out to a buoy or FAD and chum or flash around there. The waters should be fairly good this week Kona side. Hopefully you get on some fish out there.
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