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Re: New knife

Although not a general purpose knife some time ago I bought an Aldi ceramic kitchen knife for about 5 bucks, mainly because it was sitting there on the sale table. Sometime later I had to cut up heavy duty cardboard cartons and boxes to pack in a recycling bin and on an impulse decided to try out the ceramic knife. There was a huge pile of thick wall boxes and the ceramic blade went through them all like butter. Thinking that I had probably done for the blade I washed it off and then tried it out on cutting a tomato for a sandwich for lunch. To my amazement the tomato cut like I was using a razor, so these ceramic knives are hard and sharp! Also brittle unless you buy a 200 buck zirconia reinforced ceramic blade, but these things should be great for slashing kelp and there ain't nothing to rust. Just need a sheath of some sort as the supplied scabbard is just a blade cover.
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