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Re: Strikelines Charts

Originally Posted by sharpshooter View Post
Thanks for the responses. One of these weeks Eric, you'll get a break in the cold fronts. Just remember, that Irma did some major sand shifts. After Irma, I went to a short ledge that use to be a foot and half tall in 58'. Saw hard bottom but not much relief even using zoom. When, I dove it. I hardly recognized it. About 80% of it had been filled in to the top.
Am sure some ledges will be like that. Then, there will be some new uncovered ledges. This spring/summer is going to be interesting.
Good points. Luckily I have my Simrad and Lowrance units dialed in pretty good and have been successful at reading them and marking good spots. I am also lucky in having a good group of divers who don't mind scouting spots instead of always going to the well-known ones that are normally productive. I'm in this to have fun and discover new things, not just fill the freezer.

My last dives of the season saw us on some, in the past, so-so smaller ledges. This time around (November) they were awesome, loaded with nice mangos and TONS of hogs. Very happy about that.
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