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Re: Albacore Trip Sign-Up: End-of-August

I am super disappointed the August 17 date didn't work out, and now I can't do either of the available windows. Don't wait if you are on the fence, do it! $325 is a lot of money, but it is actually a really good deal compared to a lot of the tuna charters that charge ~$500 a day just for boring old hook and line fishing

Even if I can't personally go, I still want to see this trip happen. If you would like to go, but just don't think you have the gun for it, you are welcome to borrow my nearly new 120cm Mako AR15 ETR gun and floatline/float setup. All I want is some pictures (and maybe some video?) of what should be an amazing adventure!

As another incentive, you will have the possibility of bringing home some delicious PNW albacore to eat. I went to the coast last weekend and bought one off the boat and made possibly my favorite dish ever; fresh PNW albacore poke:

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