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Originally Posted by jjanest View Post
This will be my first event and I have a few questions. Will we have to buy the raffle tickets or Will the tickets be given out upon entry? Will there be an announcement of the winning ticket and do you have to be present to win? Will there be a silent auction for some of the items? I just don't want to go home empty handed.

My wife and I are very excited about attending this event. You have a great list of legends and pioneers of diving gathered at this event.

We will arrive late on Friday night and will miss the Friday night event but we'll be good to go on Saturday and Sunday.

Lee Jones
Last year, each person was given some raffle tickets as part of the admission package. You could also purchase as many additional raffle tickets as you desired (remember the proceeds go to a great charity). Everyone places their raffle tickets in designated jars located next to each corresponding raffle item on a large display area.

I believe there were also a few custom items which were offered in a silent auction as well.

At the end of the show each day, around 5 pm? the raffle tickets are drawn and the prizes are distributed. I think it was necessary to be at the raffle since there are many items and they really need to be awarded in an efficient manner to expedite the process.

I assume the show will be run in a similar manner this year, but I haven't really researched the details. I trust that Sheri will handle it all in a very professional manner.

It is a GREAT show! There are so many interesting people and things to see that the day will fly by. I've attended the last 2 events and I am not sure exactly why I enjoy it so much. I think it is primarily because people always seem to be energized and enthusiastic and many of the legends of the sport are right there and very approachable and willing to talk and answer questions etc.

Also, the vendors are allowed to bring their products to the Expo and many have provided "show specials" that can save you some cash. It must be the ultimate opportunity to comparison shop for guns and gear and everything else you might want for spearfishing.
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