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Cool Re: HOLD the 2017 BBO DATES July 21-23 - The Official 2017 BBO Rules Discussion Threa

Originally Posted by dive4bugz View Post
Looks great Tony! As stated, we are asking for your input regarding the rule changes listed above. Each year, as the regulations get more stringent, we have to find more ways to keep the playing field even for all competitors. That's what makes this aggregate style tournament so much fun for everyone! So please let us know what you think of these changes (not what you think about those who made them!! lol). All constructive input will be reviewed, and as soon as the rules become finalized, we will be opening up the registration page.
Yes Randy. I think we should finalize these rules this week and open up the Registration right away. Thanks for all your excellent Weigh-Master work over the years! Tony
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