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Prototype Mako Roller Muzzle

I would like to take the time and introduce a prototype Roller Muzzle for the new Mako AR15 American ETR/Open speargun.

The main driving force for this design was simplicity. How simple could a roller muzzle be; machined, attached to the gun, rigged and operated. Having experience with other roller guns, both custom built and purchased, I was able to come up with a design that I felt addressed most if not all of those topics as a system, not individually.

The muzzle itself will accommodate all band sizes and does not require any tools to load. What is unique about this muzzle system is its double action pulley loading. At first it seems a little cumbersome and complicated, but once the band is loaded onto the sharkfin the pulley system on the underside of the gun gives the uses mechanical advantage to pull load the band to a very high stretch percentage. This idea was taken from Tin Man, when he was tinkering roller muzzles. See Thread

Rigging was the next hurdle. Since Mako just released it's reverse mechanism trigger I thought I would be a great idea to move the line anchor from the bottom of the gun to the side of the barrel. This move made rigging the gun very easy. It moves the shooting line from crossing under the gun (over the second stage bands) and puts it in an easy to access spot on the barrel. In one of the images I used a simple bolt and jam nut due to being in a hurry to test it out. Testing proved very successful with no line tangles or rigging issues.

Overall the first prototype was proven very successful. Since testing it, I have since revised the muzzle and am currently waiting on machined parts. The goal of the second prototype is performance and accessories. The second prototype is represented in the 3D rendering.

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20140312_154411442_HDR.jpg
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-Joe Solomon
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