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Re: Prototype Mako Roller Muzzle

Originally Posted by stevemc1 View Post
Nice! Looks like the second muzzle will be higher to miss the sharkfins unlike the first version. Usually there is a bar to catch the wishbone. Very good way to do that. Simple, sleek and not bulky. I have noticed in the last few years nobody is doing the roller guns with levers under the gun how they were done years ago. Could really get some power. Pivot in the middle of the gun, catch the lower wishbone at front and crank it back to in front of the handle. Use a much shorter band and really stretch it. Use mechanical advantage. There is a catch that holds the lever.
You're right. I seem to be the only one whose built any in the last several years (2 lever action, 2 crank action). There are some reasons, however. They are more time consuming to build than a simple or "traditional" compound roller, though not more difficult than an inverted roller. You also give up the distance from the middle of the lever to the trigger guard. On a compound roller you can pull the band back that additional distance. You also give up the mechanical advantage if you want to shoot 2 bands. I like 'em a lot, and will undoubtedly build more, but they are not about to go mainstream. The thing I like most about them is that when the lever is forward the bands are really easy to grab to load the top, then you just move the lever back to load the bottom so you don't have to try to grab bands that are already pretty tight.

I've been designing a 40" lever action from either the green / onyx like I used for my grandson's gun, or the blue / onyx colored plywood that I've bought for the commemorative Gil Gun hybrid that Tin Man and I are building.
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