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Spearing Reports: Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

For those of you old enough to remember, it was Fleetwood Mac's smash hit of 1987.

It also applies to spearing reports. As we internet-savvy divers need to co-exist with local dive clubs and others who wish to quietly enjoy their ocean, please use discretion in revealing the LOCATION and TIME of your catch.

This prevents the horde of lurkers from overwhelming a spot, shutting down the action for everyone.

This also helps promote safety since CA spearos are now crowded into increasingly smaller spots due to the MLPA closures. And our neoprene-covered heads do not fare well when we collide with boat propellers when a thoughtless report gets out and a zillion H&L fishermen descend upon the spot.

I realize our Northern Calif brothers, with their miles and miles of spearing-friendly rocky coast may not appreciate why we in SoCal are sensitive. Trust me--come and visit us and you'll know. It's only a matter of time before one of us gets hit by a boat in these increasingly crowded areas.

LOCATION: Please generalize the location to county-wide information. PV (Palo Verdes) is not good; LA county is better. Cotton is not good; Orange County is better. West End is not good; "one of the islands" is better.

TIME: Please avoid pinpointing the time, especially if the spearing report is recent. "This afternoon" is not good; "some time in the past few weeks" is better.

Remember what people really care about and love is the stoke you share (and the pictures/videos of speared fish) and the sense of adventure. Nobody expects you to (and savvy divers don't) pinpoint the time and location of your catch. That's what close friends share; don't put it on the internet so a caravan of boaters from Bakersfield will be at the spot this weekend.

Thanks all.
Joe Nguyen

Please generalize the LOCATION/TIME of your spearing reports.

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