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Re: Zeagle Regulator Blows at 180 ft

This incident is also a good lesson on why it may be a better option on deep dives to have doubles with an isolator valve. In this instance JfJf could have just as easily shut down the offending regulator and had access to all of the remaining gas in both tanks. Plus, shutting down a left or right post on doubles (I find) much easier than shutting down a single tank valve. Just a thought.

Notice, I have not championed H-Valves, I have yet to see an H-valve set up that is as easy to isolate a regulator as you can with doubles. Some are down right impossible based on the angle of the valve. And I have used and trained with H-valves. IMO, with H-valves the regulators are so close you cannot effectively distinguish which regulator is failing, even if you could shut them down, with doubles, it is extremely obvious which regulator has blown.
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