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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Mr. Carrasco—Your public criticism of Palapas Ventana made me mad as hell. I go there every year. I have shot fish. I have shot big fish and I have shot no fish but I have always had a good time. And I have paid what I consider to be a fair price. I have great admiration for Tim Hatler who had a dream to create a resort for the sport that he loved, spearfishing. With very little money, he built up a first Class resort where, in fact, a world spearfishing tournament is held. And guess why that is. There are fish there. Take a look at pictures from this year’s tournament. To my mind, an operation like this should be encouraged. Instead, you set out to publicly bad mouth Palapas Ventana and negatively affect their business. Mr. Carrasco, you didn’t catch any fish. Boo hoo. I hope your skills improve.
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