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50% off learn how to frenzel course (need beta testers!)

Sounds familiar?
  • Trouble equalizing between 15 - 35 feet while freediving?
  • Notice is hard to equalize head down but super easy when you turn head up?
  • Tired of people telling you to pinch your nose and blow?

If so, you are likely using the wrong equalization method. You are probably doing the Valsalva method of equalization which will not work past 15-35 feet while freediving.

If you are doing Valsalva I have created an online course called Road Map to Frenzel. It is a series of 13 videos with over 2 hours of content with EVERYTHING I know about how to teach Frenzel.

I've taught over 500 people how to Frenzel via my one on one skype sessions since I started running them in 2010.

I need help!

I'd like to get feedback from real students who are struggling with equalizing. I'm offering this course for 50% off in return for answering a survey and getting your thoughts on the program. I've had many instructors evaluate the program, and they love it, but I want data from real students.

This free video will quickly allow you to determine if you are doing Valsalva or Frenzel.

If you are doing Valsalva and want to learn Frenzel you can purchase the program @, I just ask that in return for getting at 50% off you provide feedback and answer the survey you will get.

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