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Re: 50% off learn how to frenzel course (need beta testers!)

I have been limited to around 40' freedives due to not being able to equalize head first. I learned through Ted's intro video this was simply because valsava will not work beyond those depths and signed up for the video series. The videos are well done and Ted does a great job explaining the Frenzel method. I believe I began to overthink the complexity of this equalization method and was trying too hard instead of relaxing. Once I started to visualize the steps such as closing the throat and forcing the trapped air out of my nose about halfway through the series, it seemed to click and I am effortlessly able to equalize on land after emptying my lungs and using the Frenzel method he describes. I still have a few remaining videos to watch and I'm waiting for an opportunity to test this method out in water. If you are on the fence I'd definitely recommend watching his videos.
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