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Re: Information regarding 3 divers on Saturday, and some lessons to be learned

Originally Posted by grey2112 View Post
They all geared up for the dive in calm surfaces
Mistake #1. It always surprises me how experienced divers still chance it with nobody on the boat, that’s the first thing you learn when getting certified. If I had to guess the marine forecast wasn’t absolutely perfect either, or just bad luck. I’m happy they all made it back without any serious injuries. Sometimes we underestimate just how dangerous the ocean/or gulf can be.

Originally Posted by CuzzA View Post
Yes, Melody certainly was the hero and saved everyone's lives.

Recently I've dove with a few different crews and one leaves the boat unmanned. They at least always clip a PLB off to the jug before the dive. I see the advantage as it's a much more efficient way to dive and allows a small crew to get 6-8 dives each in the same time it take a 2 up 2 down crew to do a total of 4 dives.

As I've evolved in this sport I have become of the mind set that I need to be 100% self reliant and so from very early on I've dove with a PLB in a canister tucked under my wing in a lift bag sleeve.

Shit can go wrong quick, hell the boat you're on can short electronics and sink in a heart beat while you're diving, then what? $350 is dirt cheap insurance to have on you to contact search and rescue anywhere in the world.

If I were diving with them, screw that swim!!! I'm hitting the button and fücking sending it!!!
What happens when “that button” doesn’t work? Unfortunately I know a teen that died climbing when his SPOT device, and partners Garmin InReach failed after he fell hundreds of feet down a mountain being left to die. I’ll take a reliable captain, taking a dive off even on a good spot, and getting out earlier over risking my boat drifting off. Stay safe everybody
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