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Re: Information regarding 3 divers on Saturday, and some lessons to be learned

Originally Posted by SEA_ARCHER View Post
Hey cuzza, i now dive with that same plb and canister that you recommended to me a year or 2 ago. It sure brings me a lot of piece of mind. You never know what can go wrong at the surface when you are down there.

Post up the links again in case others are interested?
Good to hear, man. There's no reason a diver should get lost these days with all the tech options we have.

This is ACR's latest and greatest option as it comes with a oled screen. They have another new option that is cheaper without the screen. They also acquired the very small PLB1. The down side to that unit is it does not float without a neoprene pouch.

The canister I use is the CustomDivers PLB canister. It's about a $100 shipped from the UK. It is the most streamlined option available. All the others, including the Grenade looking option are rather big.

Since it's a smaller canister there's obviously not room for dye markers and such, but I did cut off the hood from a mylar solar poncho I bought off Amazon and squeezed it in the canister. The idea of having my head get fried for hours waiting for pickup just doesn't sound appealing.

I clip it all off to an 8' SMB from Piranha Dive Mfg. It appears they are currently out of stock so no link.

I put this whole kit in a lift bag sleeve and mounted it under my wing. You wouldn't ever know it's there.

XS Scuba offers one as well competitively priced.

It may also be a good idea to but a fold up snorkel in with the kit. I haven't, but am considering this one.

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