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Re: Information regarding 3 divers on Saturday, and some lessons to be learned

Originally Posted by Alec View Post
Mistake #1. It always surprises me how experienced divers still chance it with nobody on the boat, that’s the first thing you learn when getting certified. If I had to guess the marine forecast wasn’t absolutely perfect either, or just bad luck. I’m happy they all made it back without any serious injuries. Sometimes we underestimate just how dangerous the ocean/or gulf can be.

What happens when “that button” doesn’t work? Unfortunately I know a teen that died climbing when his SPOT device, and partners Garmin InReach failed after he fell hundreds of feet down a mountain being left to die. I’ll take a reliable captain, taking a dive off even on a good spot, and getting out earlier over risking my boat drifting off. Stay safe everybody
I run the test on my PLB before every trip. There's always the chance it could fail to work, but probably not a big one.

They certainly made an error in judgement. That front was scheduled to hit at noon and they posted on FB they were just departing around 10am. They should have known better.
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