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Re: "Officer Safety"

Originally Posted by fitz View Post
On the other side, when a cop has his gun pointed at you and tells you three times not to move, don't fuc#ing move!!!!
The crux of it was that he never told the man not to move, as I recall. He said, multiple times "Don't reach for it!" He wasn't reaching for "it", he was reaching for his papers.

Scared little men ought not to be cops. It certainly wasn't premeditated or even deliberate murder. But it was a horrible shoot. No one who isn't in law enforcement would ever escape conviction for such horrible judgement. Nor should they. Why should the bar be set lower for officers?

Bad hires.

Bad training.

Bad policies.

Bad outcomes. But not for them.

There is no incentive for positive change. Thus, things will not be getting better anytime soon.

But I do agree with you that being pulled over is dangerous, and it's no time for foolish or careless antics.
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