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Re: Ermessub Double Roller Trigger Test

No ... no sandy bottom testing ... I actually don't believe in that. You just don't want junk in your mech no matter what mech you use. Having that abrasive stuff in your mech is just asking for trouble. If you do get sand or debris inside, you need to clean out your mech ... no way am I going to test shooting a fully loaded 3 banded gun with junk in there ... someone else needs to do that. I did test about 200 full power shots with this last version though ... and it shot extremely well and never felt there was any problems and when taking the trigger apart under close inspection ... no problems whatsoever. The line release does move a little too forward for my liking, but that can easily be fixed in the next version.

I almost gave up on the front roller idea ... initially the trigger pull would have a "hump" which was similar to the Bleutec roller ... and I hated that as it did not allow for a responsive release. It drove Mario crazy as the other guys testing it thought it was already great and were happy. But in testing the accuracy was very similar to a normal trigger accuracy, the groups were not as tight as I knew they could be. I actually had 8 sears cut for that trigger with a conventional non front roller cut, that I was going to try different hardening treatments on and going to go that route. But Mario did some geometric adjustments and relocated the roller on the last few beta versions and it all clicked. The accuracy went through the roof as the trigger was extremely responsive. To get accuracy you need a very responsive trigger with a very predictable release ... whether you are in a pool fighting the internal water currents or whether you are in the sea fighting a float line tugging on your gun ... or whether you are leading a moving fish ... there is always movement ... and the secret to getting good accuracy is that the shot goes off exactly when your aim is intercepting the target. One micro second of delay or change in location of trigger drop ... will be a large miss on target. This is what I had a hard time communicating with Mario and a few times things got so frustrating that I just was going to give up. Fortunately we didn't give up and the result is this new trigger.
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