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California Spearfishing Talk here about spearfishing on California's Pacific Coast, and post those reports and photos!

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Old 04-02-2018, 06:02 PM   #1
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newbie gear and fish choices

Finally got out this weekend. I usually avoid weekends but it was the only chance I had so I went. I know it would be a zoo but oh well. Ran into a few divers getting out and chatted with them. Nice guys but very green. One told me he shot a 70# just the other day but it broke off. Said it was the second big fish that did that. I looked at his gun and he is sporting a 90cm euro with a single flopper. I know a one or two of you will say it you can land a 70# wsb with a flopper but most guys especially starting out are not going to land that stone shot. Lets not waste life. Make sure you are geared for what you want to shoot. If you are not don't shoot. IMHO that guy should not have been taking shots on #70 fish.

If you are new, go hunt some Calicos get the art down then work your way up the food chain. Learn skill and respect for the ocean. You will be a better hunter for it. Yes you can get lucky and stone a #70 wsb with a jbl 38 special its not the norm. You can also die making a rookie mistake when you bite off more then you can chew.
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Re: newbie gear and fish choices

Good post.

Come on people, quit being so cheap and use the right gear. Sad to hear that people are that disrespectful with the resource and don’t learn from their mistakes.
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Re: newbie gear and fish choices


Good old thread on point here. Someone can find the classic Dalon thread too if you want a long read and a good laugh.
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Old 04-03-2018, 01:05 PM   #4
Lompoc Local
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Re: newbie gear and fish choices

That Dalon thread is pure gold. Dave's commentary was the best. Wish he was still around...
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Old 04-03-2018, 05:01 PM   #5
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Re: newbie gear and fish choices

I am a far cry from an expert but IMHO gearing up is only the half of it. Equally or even more important is being able to recover your fish. Unless you're feeding them your "special" brownies, no one can stone a fish every time and right when you DON'T want one to tie up...well you know.

I always make a point to drop to the bottom in the deepest water I intend to shoot a fish. If I get down there and am not feeling it, short on gas, out of shape or anything is off at all I move into shallower water, especially on a shore dive with no yak/2nd gun.

Its not always an option but whenever I have access to a second gun and my fish is tied up I am more than happy to locate it, put a second shaft in its head, disconnect the first shot and take my fish to the surface will very little effort.

New or salty I don't think anyone should be shooting a pelagic in water deeper than you're willing to make 5 or even 10 drops in to recover. And if your buddy shoots a fish help a brother out.

A lot of new guys are not gonna have access to a mentor on a boat in ideal conditions. So shore diving, especially solo is going to require a much higher level of maturity and discipline when seeing fish. There's absolutely nothing uncool about passing on fish and in my opinion its quite the opposite.
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Re: newbie gear and fish choices

Davej was in the water? Was he on vacation? What country was he in and did the kids and wife enjoy it? Love his Whaler!

And for more entertainment, I actually did the opposite and spent a whole season hunting with a 62" 4 band Gil gun. I did this after observing a mentor shooting calicos in 10' of water. Yes, I shot calicos with that gun making instant sashimi and burying a slip tip into reef more than once. Shot a halibut and ruined a tip. More impressive were the number and size of wsb I put in the kill bag that year. It was one of those epic years where I shot maybe three fish under forty pounds. Of course this was not due just to skill but the chance to dive No Channel Islands weekly when it was just so flush with fish!
Actually, yes, that yt is almost 30#'s. Hell, it's almost as big as me!
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