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Pacific Northwest Tell us about hunting in the PNW here!

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Albacore Trip Sign-Up: End-of-August


#### FULL UP ##### the Sept 13th trip is on. Deposits made.

if someone else wants to lead another date, Western Adventures has more dates left. Organize your own intrepid tuna crew!

The 8/17 boat date got taken by some dastardly hook-and-liners. :-(
Snooze you lose!

I've updated this new thread for ### SEPT 13th SAT. ### . It's a better month for spearing tactics anyway, as albacore feeding will have switched over firmly to surface bait feeding pattern, from deeper squids etc. By end of Sept, there's risk of fewer Albacore around.

SEPTEMBER 13 SATURDAY crew stands at ALL SIX CONFIRMED. 1 spearo on wait-list in case of cancellation.

The Western Adventures boat is a 42 ft Chris Craft, with new twin engines, fiberglass hull, sport-fisher style. The skipper is a diver that is used to chartering diving trips. The boat is out of Warren marina just west of Astoria.
Carpooling from Seattle will be available.
Pics of boat at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...3106119&type=3


pics from one of their tuna charters

... and here's what it looks like to spear an Albacore. note the patience to let it come closer.

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Re: Albacore Trip Sign-Up: End-of-August

Oregon rules: 25 pelagic fish per person per day (eg Albacore). "Chumming is allowed. Chum may be live, dead, or cut up squid, herring, sardine, anchovy, smelt or Pacific mackerel."

August is definitely the best month to go statistically, though July can be hot... http://www.dfw.state.or.us/MRP/sport...atch_Month.pdf By end of August, trolling tends to die down as a tactic and chumming bait takes over, bringing schools of albacore right up to the transom of the boat. (the implication is you don't need a huge long bluewater gun with 30 ft range to be successful. You do need a maneuverable gun due to their speed.)

" Tuna like warmer water, so boats will find water that is warmer then 58 degrees (the warmer the better). In late summer warmer waters are found 30 to 40 miles off shore Oregon."
"a fishing license is required. Most anglers will average anywhere from 4 to 15 fish apiece. Best time to catch tuna is typically late July through September when warm currents move within 20-40 miles of shore. Warmer currents are usually found closer to shore along the central and southern Oregon coast. Therefore Oregon is one of the best locations to fish for tuna."
Albacore tuna off Oregon are younger fish, usually average around 10-20 lbs or so.

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Re: Albacore Trip Sign-Up: End-of-August

I am super disappointed the August 17 date didn't work out, and now I can't do either of the available windows. Don't wait if you are on the fence, do it! $325 is a lot of money, but it is actually a really good deal compared to a lot of the tuna charters that charge ~$500 a day just for boring old hook and line fishing

Even if I can't personally go, I still want to see this trip happen. If you would like to go, but just don't think you have the gun for it, you are welcome to borrow my nearly new 120cm Mako AR15 ETR gun and floatline/float setup. All I want is some pictures (and maybe some video?) of what should be an amazing adventure!

As another incentive, you will have the possibility of bringing home some delicious PNW albacore to eat. I went to the coast last weekend and bought one off the boat and made possibly my favorite dish ever; fresh PNW albacore poke:

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Re: Albacore Trip Sign-Up: End-of-August

found a first person account from Oregon spearo, note the shot was only 15 ft range, and diver at only 15 ft depth:
"Meritorious award for albacore, John Cheesman—20.1 pounds (9.13 kilograms) by John Cheesman
On August 4, 1997, we set our due west of Cape Blarro, Oregon to fish for and hopefully spear albacore tuna. The weather was foggy, but calm, as we cruised offshore. At ten miles from the coast we had a dramatic water color change and according to the temp gauge we had water temperature of 60 o F, as compared to 52 o near shore. We cruised another ten miles and finally came in to 64 o F water, clear skies and sunny attitudes. Several schools of fish were spotted on the surface and we approached near, trolling our jigs. Every school we approached, I also slipped in the water and tried to swim and get close to no avail. On my seventh try to swim close I was able to see the school and at the same time the boat had three hook-ups on the jig. This brought the school closer and I spotted two stragglers to my left and twenty feet below. They seemed curious and were not swimming as fast as the school. Visibility in this area was about 70' and water temp was 64.5 o. I picked out the second, it seemed a small bit longer, swam another 5' toward them and fired. At this time I was approximately 15' below the surface and the tuna were 15' from the tip of my gun. I shot at an angle and downward as they swam from my left to my right. It was a nice shot, and after several runs the fish soon tired. I had control of my 50' float-line and buoy at all times and the fish managed to pull me down from the surface three times. Amazing power! After returning to the boat, with tuna by the tail, I learned of the fish staying near the boat when the hooked fish were on the lines. We have also had in the past, tuna school right at the boat as we pulled our lines in."
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North Star
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Re: Albacore Trip Sign-Up: End-of-August

John Cheesman was a good friend of mine - an excellent spearo, and he owned Sea Sports dive shop in Springfield, OR. He died a couple of years ago from non diving related causes. Get out there and shoot an albacore in John's memory.
nec timor nec temeritas (neither fear nor foolhardiness.)
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Re: Albacore Trip Sign-Up: End-of-August

Hey Guys,
I'm knew to the thread. I would love to get in on this Tuna Trip if there is any slots left. I have all the gear to do it. I live in WA so not to far a drive for me. As long as I can get the dates off for work should be good to go. My phone number is 206-571-5795. Call or text me if you want more info.Look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Lucia
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albacore, boat, tuna

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