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Old 03-28-2019, 03:15 AM   #1
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Practicing how to hold my breath

Hi guys,

After some search on this board, I found this table to practice on holding my breath. Can I ask if this is still a good method to base on?

Thanks in advance

rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 1:00 min
rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 1:15 min
rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 1:30 min
rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 1:45 min
rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 2:00 min
rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 2:15 min
rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 2:30 min
rest - 2:00 min ; hold - 2:30 min

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Old 03-28-2019, 04:55 AM   #2
Tony Grogan is lame
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Re: Practicing how to hold my breath

I’d personally start with Co2 tables before O2 tables. Reduce the rest time while keeping a similar hold time
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Bob Ballew
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Re: Practicing how to hold my breath

...You are on the right track but, perhaps, getting the cart before the horse...my opinion is just mine alone and will create strong disagreement from the "New Turks"...BUT, First, and foremost, is SAFETY...Free diving is inherently dangerous and blackouts have claimed a number of "Turks" who max out depth and breathhold limits, including several world champion record holders who died before their time...A free divers life is not measured in minutes or seconds, but rather, half-seconds....
...None of my "old school" diving friends ever died from a blackout...At most, a few times, we have seen grey "star" flashes (pings of light) from pushing it to the edge for one reason or another...chasing a fish too deep, a kelp entanglement, etc...
...That said, I will opinionate based on my 55 years of free diving...Two minutes is a good length of time to rest between dives...DO NOT shorten it....Next, don't worry about breath hold times or depth..(the opposite of what the new experts propose)...Again, think safety...
...Keep in shape physically with swimming, biking, jogging (within limits, as it wears out knee and hip joints over time) or just plain walking (every day)...Free weight lifting made a big difference in my endurance and strength levels and still does...You don't need to dive deep or stay under for 3 minutes to be a good spearfisherman...
...Most of my fish were taken at a maximum depth of 45 feet, with 35' the average cruising depth, while hunting at the islands and shore diving...I have probably landed as many white sea bass as anyone over the years...It is more about skill at hunting, than long breath holds and deep diving...My average breath holds were 1 1/2 minutes to a max of about 2 minutes or so...plenty of time to get down, spot a fish and get off a shot..my best year, was 26 white sea bass with 27 shots...
...The more time you spend diving, the more relaxed and comfortable you will become in the ocean, which, in turn, will reduce the amount of oxygen you consume as your heart beat rate drops and the result is more bottom time. Old timers who taught me said, Two minutes of rest, then, no more than 10 deep breaths to build up time..This has worked well for us, with no fatalities that I am aware of, using this system...
...The rest is developing techniques that build on this foundation...I am weighed to be neutral at cruising depth (35' for me, less or more, for others)..This means I have to kick a little to get down but, don't have to kick constantly to stay neutral at depth...Also, on ascents, I can stop swimming at 10' and just drift up to the surface, saving energy and air consumption..This small benefit can become big, if you push it to the limit and are within a few seconds of a blackout...
...Swim slow or just hang on kelp to save energy so you aren't spooking fish and also, wearing yourself out...The rest is about the fish coming by...We look for chewed up bait fish, concentrations of anchovies, blacksmith or sardines and some current, which activates the bait and gamefish...If you aren't seeing much after 15 minutes, start jumping to different spots. This alone improved our catches by not wasting time in unproductive areas...Gamefish are constantly moving and so should you...
...Your skills will improve over time and breath hold ability is only a small part of the equasion….There are many other ways to improve your technique, but, First, and foremost, think safety....

….Most people spend their life emptying the dishwasher and feeding the cat, but, free divers are an entirely different breed of cat....(another useless Ballew platitude)

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Old 03-31-2019, 11:19 PM   #4
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Re: Practicing how to hold my breath

[quote=Bob Ballew;2184479]... I will opinionate based on my 55 years of free diving...my best year was 26 white seabass with 27 shots (another useless Ballew platitude).

Way to go Bob!!!!

I live for days like these!
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Old 04-05-2019, 12:32 PM   #5
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Re: Practicing how to hold my breath

thanks eveyone.
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Old 04-07-2019, 09:16 AM   #6
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Re: Practicing how to hold my breath

Solid advise Bob. Life is good. Some of the San Diego legends were spearfishing well into their 80s. Better to be careful and have decades of diving.
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