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General Freediving Area If Apnea Diving rocks your world, talk about it here!

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Immersion Freediving PFI Freediver Course Jan 13-15 2012 Fort Lauderdale

Immersion Freediving will be holding a PFI Freediver class Jan 13-15. You can find details about the class here.

Why choose Immersion Freediving?
  • Maximum class is 5 people, no 25 person classes
  • Classes held on Immersion Freediving private boat, run by a coast guard captain, with first aid and DAN Oxygen Kit.
  • You will get much longer time in the water. We will get back on the boat when we are finished not when the dive boat captain tells us to.
  • Classroom session held on at my home on 2 comfortable couches, not at a busy dive shop.
  • Immersion Freediving has gear for rent or for sale.
  • All classes taught by US Freediving National Recorder holder Ted Harty
This course has 2 separate boat trips, to ensure you get plenty of time to hone your techniques.

The average student does a 2-3 minute breathhold in the pool.
The average student does a 60 foot freedive in the ocean.

Breathing techniques
  • How to get a much bigger breath than you can right now.
  • How to breathe to maximize bottom time.
  • How to breathe when you surface to increase safety.

Static apnea (Holding your breath face down in the pool)
  • Average student completes course with a 2:00 -3:00 minute breath hold.
  • How to practice static apnea in a safe manner with a trained buddy.
  • Why it is important to train static apnea.
  • Become a more confident and comfortable freediver by adding a minute or two to your breath hold.

Freediving Safety
  • How to provide proper freediving safety as a buddy.
  • How to weight yourself properly to ensure safety and maximize performance.
  • What a blackout is, how (as a buddy) you would recognize it before it happens, and how to deal with it.

Kicking and Entry Techniques
  • How to kick properly so you are not wasting energy getting to the bottom.
  • How to kick straight down to bottom without your typical 30-degree angle on descent.
  • How to make an efficient entry without wearing excessive weight.
  • Reduce your oxygen consumption and increase your bottom time by making these modifications to your entry method and kicks.

Freediving Equipment Lecture
  • Why a freediving mask is superior to a scuba mask for freediving.
  • Why a freediving-specific wetsuit is better than a scuba wetsuit.
  • What type of snorkels are good; what types should you avoid.
  • Are your $150 dollar scuba split fins great for freediving or terrible for freediving?
  • Modifications you can make to existing gear to increase performance.
  • This lecture will turn you into a much more informed consumer when purchasing gear.

Streamlining Techniques
  • Proper hand position for freediving and why it matters.
  • Proper head position for freediving. Ever wonder why most freedivers and spearfishermen never kick straight down? This is why.
  • How to reduce surface area as you are pushing through water. This makes the same dive require less energy, which leads to increasing your bottom time.

Hands-on equalizing workshop

We will discuss proper equalizing techniques for freediving. Believe it or not, it’s not the same as equalizing for scuba. If you’ve ever had to turn around and head up to the surface because you couldn’t equalize while freediving, this is the answer.

We will explain the difference between the Valsalva and Frenzel equalization methods. The Valsalva method of equalization is taught in scuba courses. It is basically pinching your nose and blowing. The proper equalization method for freediving is the Frenzel technique. We will discuss how to find out which method you are using and how to switch you over to the right method. You will also receive homework assignments to give you the tools to practice at home and perfect the techniques.

Items received upon on successful completion of course

PFI Freediver Certification card.
Membership to a Yahoo forum for all PFI graduates. A great way to find dive buddies and ask questions.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call at 954-324-4444 .

Ted Harty
PFI Freediving courses in South Florida.
US Men's Freediving Record Holder
2012 Captain for USA Freediving Team
See courses in action on my youtube channel

Immersion Freediving
Why choose Immersion Freediving
Speargun training sessions

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