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Re: John 17.... Simple gospel and deep insight into Jesus the Christ!

I almost never go back to these threads to see what someone posted but today I did. Thank you for your encouragement! I agree, chicken little is right. Crazy times and getting worse with little hope things will get better . As for me keeping the faith, it is only God's grace that keeps me. Anyone who knows me well, knows I can be a very squirly guy ready to run off the reservation at a moments notice But God, in His grace keeps me in His hand, His love keeps me coming back for more. I will never be perfect in this life but I am truly not as big a knucklehead as I was when I 1st asked Christ to be my Lord. Hallelujah! Haha. I wish the same for all my people here.
Each mans life is but a breath........Psalms 39.5
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