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Re: It's that time of year again

Got back from hunting the U.P. in temps. starting in the med 50's F. to ending in low 7F. without the wind chill. Saw plenty of small to medium size does. 2 spikes and one 4pt.. Was looking for 8pt. or better. Didn't happen. My grandson from San Diego flew in and got his first buck, a 4 pt. by himself. Shot it about 100 yds. away from his blind on one of the logging roads with my sisters .243 rifle. Dropped it where he shot it. Made it real nice for pickup and he learned how to field dress it. He shot it the day before his 18th birthday. A nearby farmer and his sons 10 days after rifle opener only had one 8pt. hanging. It was shot late evening and found next morning chewed up by wolves. The pack of wolves and a pack of coyotes in the area sure messed the hunting up. Could hear the pack of coyotes on some evenings right after sunset. Young ones and adults by the tone. Guess, the bigger bucks moved out of the area for safety from the packs. I would do the same.
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