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Local Blue Fin

I donít know why no one is posting about this but Saturday, the Blue Fin made it all the way past the 150 to the Horse Shoe Kelp. I saw a local skiff charter boat captains bring in 4 Blue Fin in the 40-50# class.

I went out yesterday (Sunday) to look for the school but true to form, the school moved away fast. Maybe they ate up all the 4Ē mackerel that were all around the area Friday and Saturday.

They are still close though, some were seen and a few were taken at or neat the 14 mile bank.
There is a good chance for us to spear one on own boats- I tried but having to be back home by 2pm, wrecked my chances.

Hope to hear about someone spear one of these local BFT!!!

Where is Bob????

No sea menso mijo, no sea menso!!!!!
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