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Freediver Recovery Vest - Brand new for free diving, spearfishing & big wave surfing

I have a new/unused Freediver Recovery Vest (Terry Maas). These are extremely hard to come by anymore, and still warranty supported through 2025. If you value your life in this very dangerous sort, hereís the appropriate insurance policy. Get the safety vest that SEALs and Special Forces around the world trust. Hereís a link to it for all the details, photos, etc. It would also come with 23 CO2 canisters (that would be about $150).

http://www.oceanicss.comGreetings water people!

Selling for $1200 o.b.o. Would be open to trade/bartering for similar value guitars or firearms. Donít need any spearfishing equipment - if you could only see my basement. Lol.
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