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New Podcast Freedive Live with Ted Harty

I've started a new podcast Freedive Live.

I'll take a deep dive into all things freediving and teach you how to dive deeper, stay longer, and become safer.

You can listen @

Episode #1 What is this show all about?

Episode #2 How I went from wearing a suit and tie to a professional freediver.

Episode #3 Why and how I created

Episode #4 Everything every freediver should know about lung squeeze.

Episode #5 The lost art of counting your kicks.

Episode #6 Learn the 9 best questions to ask your freediving instructor.

Episode #7 The #1 mistake freedivers and spearfisherman make... OVERWEIGHTING

Episode #8 I've had 3 blackouts during my 12 years as a professional freediver. Learn from my mistakes.

Episode #9 The 5 most common equalizing mistakes I've seen over 12 years of teaching freediving AND a masterclass on difference between Valsalva & Frenzel.

Ted Harty
PFI Freediving courses in South Florida.
US Men's Freediving Record Holder
2012 Captain for USA Freediving Team
See courses in action on my youtube channel

Immersion Freediving
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