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Hawaii blue water hunting

I am looking to visit Hawaii from JUNE 19 - JUNE 24 specifically for spearfishing.

I can travel to ANY island which will have the BEST BLUE WATER HUNTING. I would love to know the best Charter Guide for Offshore Spearfishing ... specifically would like to be targeting Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi.

Also completely open to pay a local with a boat , I'm a safe, experienced diver- have been around blue water and sharks comfortably.

Here is a 65 Pound Wahoo I shot a month ago in Louisiana in some of the sharkiest waters I've ever seen lol etc:

Also got this nice 20+ Pound Blackfin Tuna, but am still chasing my first YellowFin Tuna and hope I can get one in Hawaii:

Let me know any ideas ... would love the best island to visit for Pelagics in June in Hawaii and any Charter suggestions etc.

Biggest thing is I need a Charter or fellow Diver with a Blue Water Gun / Rig setup I can use, since I will be traveling through Singapore and CANNOT bring ANY of my own rigs!
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