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Heads Up: Shark attack on Kayaker at Parson's Landing 6/30/21

At 7 a.m., this morning, a father and son from the Boy Scout camp were kayaking at Parsons, Catalina island west end, when the child's kayak was bumped....The boy put one hand in the water and was instantly bitten; it is believed, by a juvenile great white...
In stable condition at present but, required surgery. With more sightings again this year, extra caution is warrented...Lots of bait out there is pulling in all kinds of critters, some very odd and not common to our waters...

This situation raises an important question for all spearfishermen...Does your health insurance cover transportation from hospital to hospital?....for divers, .namely medi-evac? Several years ago, my wife had a medical emergency at Avalon and had to be transported by helicoptor to the mainland...Mercy Air fees totaled $48,000!! some add-ons for ambulance charges to transport her 500' from the hospital to the ball field landing area ($1,840)...good for a heart attack until we finally discovered we were covered with no deductible advice: track the billing all the way thru and demand full accounting....Billing mistakes occur, that if not corrected, can cost you big time....

Knowing I am covered, I can concentrate on the most important remaining issue... Is my boat gassed and ready to go?

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