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Originally Posted by Louis Rossignol View Post
The guy emailed me and told me one of his friends got his password, and started all this.

I told him, no problem, and if his friend has a problem with me, he can call me and tell me why and I left my ph.#.

I believe in my club, I wouldn't have what I have today if it weren't for the guidance I recieved from elder members of the Hell Divers. Not to mention the great sport they introduced me to.
Louis, that is good that you have some resolution to this issue, especially in the holiday season. It was particularly strange and un-called for. Every Helldiver I have met in person at a tournament or over the phone has been salt-of-the-earth good folk. You guys are "wild and crazy" sometimes, and have hearts of gold. Merry Christmas to you Louis and to all your fellow Hell Divers! Tony
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