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California Spearfishing Talk here about spearfishing on California's Pacific Coast, and post those reports and photos!

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Old 05-10-2021, 04:18 PM   #16
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Re: My octopus teacher

Originally Posted by Salty_Lovin' View Post
I like to bite them in the face and then eat them. Netflix didnít change a thing.
Same here. It took me a while to learn the bite technique. I munched on my first one for a bit. Poor guy.

After we saw that film my fiance requested I not grab one for a bit, haha. I cannot imagine going out like that without a wetsuit. That in itself would be very discouraging for me.
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Old 05-12-2021, 08:56 PM   #17
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Re: My octopus teacher

He went out to the same reef and FOUND the same octopus there each day? Damn octopus must be wearing a tracker or flash red and yellow at 9:00am exactly!

Last time I saw a puss, it behaved like a puss; squishy, slimy, and camouflaging itself between rocks as NOT to be seen! Sandbass, Sculpin and yours truly love chomping on puss!!!
I’ll be damned if I see a puss and don’t grab it- “SURE” I’ll find it the next day!

Knuckleheads that don’t dive may fall for it but give it some thought. Bunch of pusses filmed for extended periods of time each day with a ton of editing- there’s your teachin’ puss!

No sea menso mijo, no sea menso!!!!!
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Old 05-12-2021, 10:02 PM   #18
popgun pete
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Re: My octopus teacher

I too thought that it might be case of multiple octopuses and skilful editing to create a story, however I found the same octopus in an undercut hole in rocky reef structure a number of times. Outside its hole was a pile of marine debris such as broken shells and large stones which the octopus had accumulated, including lead fishing sinkers. When I approached the octopus grabbed the rubble with its suckers and lifted its arms up to create a camouflage screen that to some extent blanked off the entrance to obscure the octopus within. Seeing as I was not fooled the octopus dropped its arms and looked at me, after which I departed.

Another time seeing it was home I offered it a snack on the end of my multi-pronged handspear. Tentatively the octopus reached out with a tentacle and suddenly grabbed the base of the pranger head and yanked the spear and me forwards. I was surprised how strong it was, then it let go having secured its snack. I donít eat octopus or squid, so I had no intention of spearing it.
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Old 05-13-2021, 12:37 AM   #19
popgun pete
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Re: My octopus teacher

Draw your own conclusions, but given the time taken after the octopus had expired and the extensive working over of the available and later footage to tell a story seems to indicate a construct rather than a "just as it happened" movie.
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